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I first spoke with Christopher, he took almost a hour of his time with me on the initial call to listen carefully to what I wanted. He then forwarded my needs to his developer John B., who worked amazing miracles on the project I requested. Not only did John deliver what I asked, he also went above and beyond any expectations I had. John came up with creative ideas that made my project work smoother and simpler.

Without question, I would use Access and Excel for any and all custom work my company or any other company I could recommend. Not only did they do a fantastic job on the project, they also stuck with me until every detail about the project was perfection and exactly as needed.

Access and Excel is a trustworthy, honest and sincere company that cares deeply for the needs of their customers and is dedicated toward giving their customers a product that will work for their needs.

Larry - Novatech Electronics


It was great to have someone be excited to help me as both Ruel and Christopher were. The prompt replies, polite telephone conversations, and ease of use were second to none. The speed and expertise of this company is amazing. I initially emailed three Excel consultant companies, Christopher contacted me, Ruel helped me, and no other company has even responded yet. And as for Ruel, he makes this stuff look so easy. Ruel is very gifted and cordial. I will definitely be back!

Matthew Johnson Rugged Cross Construction, LLC


Our IT department has several individuals with in-depth Excel knowledge and experience. Even so, we had several extremely complicated Excel issues which we simply could not solve. I was not convinced they were solvable. We contacted Christopher at Excel and Access Experts and he turned us over to one of his programmers, Marilyn. Marilyn quickly understood the complexity of our Excel dilemma. Her solutions solved our problems totally and completely, and even addressed a couple of issues we didn’t know we had.

This was some of the best money we’ve ever spent, saved us time and money. They really know their stuff, and they’re also very friendly, a pleasure to know.

Barry W. Hull, CDR, USNR (Retired) Athene Incorporated


Dear Christopher:

Just a quick note to THANK YOU for the outstanding service provided by your company. In particular, kudos and many thanks to Jacob for doing such an outstanding job helping me with my .xls issue. A bit of background: Two weeks ago I contacted another online consulting firm who claimed to have "experts" knowledgeable in Excel programming. I hired the firm to help write a custom formula. We corresponded over several days, but when all was said and done the "expert", who claims to have a BS Degree in Engineering, was unable to create the equation I required. After taking his fee from me his final email statement was: "As you know I have spent quite a bit of time on the various solutions that I've given you. I hate to keep your hopes up or keep you waiting but I am afraid I am not able to do more on this question than I have already done." I believe this was his way of saying he couldn’t solve my equation.That’s when I began to think that perhaps Excel wasn’t built to solve the type of equation I was looking for. I reasoned that if an “expert” with an Engineering Degree couldn’t create the equation in Excel that it must be impossible. But that possibility didn’t sit well with me, which is why I decided to search for another Excel consultant.

Thank goodness I found you. Your fee was more than what I was hoping to pay, but it was well worth it. You promised me that I would not be charged if your programmers could’t solve my equation. So I decided to give you a chance. What a great decision.

Jacob ROCKS!! What more can I say. Not only did he solve my equation, but he did so quickly, efficiently, with both formulated and graphic examples. He answered every one of my follow up questions, and did so in a simple, easy to understand way.

In the future, when I need additional excel formulas created I will gladly come back to you and your company. And hopefully, you’ll assign my cases to Jacob again. Please, give Jacob a huge raise and a large corner office because, in my opinion, he definitely deserves it!

Sincerely, John Gadd.

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